To provide logistics assistance of high added value to the supply chain focused on complementing and satisfying the logistics needs of importer, exporter and industrial companies worldwide, throughout superior customer service, analysis and alignment with supply and distribution methods, fair treatment for employees, strict compliance with current regulations and integrality in its processes.


By 2015, TRISTAN LOGISTICS S.A.S will be positioned as one of the fastest operational, transactional and commercial growing companies within the sector, recognized as a specialized alternative in structuring plans for improvement, management and coordination of the supply chain and foreign trade operations of its customers.


“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are” Roy Disney

TRISTAN LOGISTICS S.A.S considers essential to set and honor a value code that governs our processes, operations and serves better, in the end, our clients and suppliers.

– RESPONSIBILITY – We guarantee and vouch for our services.

– DILIGENCE – We seriously strive to accomplish what we undertake.

– COMPROMISE – We stand united with our customers and suppliers.

– HONESTY – We are honorable in principles, intentions and actions.

– LOYALTY – We are faithful to the commitments and obligations undertaken.

– TRANSPARENCE – Our processes and communications are lawful and clear.

– TEAMWORK – We strive together for the interest of a common cause.